The zipline 
by Gateway Ministries

Yesterday we talked about not crucifying the resurrected man. When we live the resurrection life…knowing that God is for us and His Spirit is in us…we walk in a confident boldness. This is a lifestyle we’d never experience when we’re consumed with our sin and wretchedness. 

I spent years in a church that was obsessed with humility. Not the healthy kind. We didn’t impact many people for Christ. But when I started walking in resurrection power, I started down a path of adventure! I’ve never had more fun than I have living this new lifestyle. And it’s not out of reach for any of us who have the Spirit dwelling inside. 

I want to share a story about Mark. Mark worked at a company owned by an atheist, Jewish man. Mark was learning about walking out the resurrection lifestyle, and he decided to start praying for people at work. 

One day he heard the unbelieving owner complain of a migraine headache. Mark summoned his courage and offered to pray for his healing. In desperation, the boss agreed. Mark said a quick prayer and the man was healed on the spot! The boss was impressed, but the story didn’t end there. 

A short time later, the company rented out a zipline facility at an industry conference in Las Vegas. This was an important opportunity for the company’s leaders to connect with their clients. Unfortunately, as the event was ready to start, a severe thunderstorm approached. The zipline operator informed the boss that he was going to shut down the operation. It was too dangerous to operate a zipline with a storm rolling in. 

The unbelieving, atheist, Jewish boss was having none of this. “Mark! Come here.” The boss instructed Mark to pray to redirect the storm away from their zipline event. 

Now I don’t know about you, but I think that would be intimidating. Headaches are one thing. But this was a massive storm. Would God come through for this? Had anyone tried that since Jesus? 

Well the pressure got even higher. Mark slipped around the corner to text his friends and family to ask…no beg them to pray. It was time for God to move! While he was texting, he could hear the boss’s voice booming yards away. He had gathered the clients around to explain how this would work…

“Now we’ve just heard that this storm is going to shut down the zipline. But our staff member, Mark, is going to say a prayer. And then the storm will go another direction and we’ll be back to ziplining. Thanks for your patience.” 

Mark’s heart sank. But about that time, a friend texted back that he saw an image of a “dome of protection” over the zipline in his mind’s eye. Emboldened, Mark soon emerged back onto the scene and prayed for the storm to change course. 

The storm continued rolling toward them. But then something odd happened. The storm clouds seemed to split in two. The storm passed to the left and to the right. The zipline area didn’t get a drop of rain. Someone standing at a distance actually took a photo of the scene and it looked like there was a dome over the zipline. An area where it didn’t rain. 

God got the glory. Many people have likely been touched and that story has gone far and wide. And Mark’s influence increased in the CEO’s eyes. Who do you think the boss might call on when he has a tough decision to make? 

Did you notice that Mark didn’t need to be the CEO to have a big influence? Like Daniel, Joseph, and Esther in the Old Testament, you don’t need to be the CEO to play an important role. 

Mark’s influence could have major impacts on new products, corporate policies, and the direction of the company. And like those Old Testament characters, Mark might be the first person the boss calls on in a crisis. 

What about you? Are you positioning yourself to influence culture? Are you trusting God to work alongside you to bring Heaven to Earth? The world is crying out for solutions to small and large problems of all types. The massive problems that accompanied the recent pandemic showed us that. 

God is waiting for us to access His counsel and His insight so that we can apply Heaven’s solutions to earth and teach His ways by demonstrating solutions to the world’s problems. What Jesus demonstrated in healing bodies is the same power that can transform your business…and community…and the nations. 

This is only the beginning. If you want to join a community of empowered believers seeking to do business supernaturally, click this LINK to learn more. We can do this together! 

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