When You Truly Fall in Love

Today’s meditation is from Bethany Church (Singapore)  http://www.bcs.org.sg

Scripture – Philippians 2:5-7

What would someone do when he falls in love? Falling in love is not just a feeling of liking someone. That is a wrong concept developed by the world. If someone falls in love with a strong, deep, and pure love, then he will be willing to give his heart to the person he loves. To surrender your heart means being willing and ready to obey the will of the person you love, satisfy that person’s desires, and be willing to unite your tastes, ideals, and life goals with the person your love. 

The same things apply when someone loves God in the right way. He will be willing to surrender his heart to the Lord. That means that he is willing to obey God’s will, please His heart, and have Lord Jesus’ thoughts and feelings so that they become one taste, aspiration, and goal with the Lord. This is what uniting one’s thoughts and feelings with Jesus means. Without love for God, we can’t do all of these things. 

We cannot simply state that we have surrendered our hearts to God. Many people can only say that they love the Lord. The most difficult life struggle as children of God is surrendering our hearts to God in the right way. Attending church, being active in the ministry, and even being a church minister are not the signs that someone has truly loved God and given his heart to the Lord. 

Embracing Jesus’ thoughts and feelings is our daily struggle. Every breath we take becomes a battle of whether we love God with a heart longing to please Him. Without it, there would be no evidence that we have a true love for Him. 


1.How do you prove your love for God? Are you in the process of putting your thoughts and feelings into Christ? 

2.What efforts are you making to make the union of your thoughts and feelings with those of Christ a reality? 

Practice: Pleasing our Beloved is proof of love. Let us please the Lord at all times.


Heavenly Father, how wonderful it is to know that I am Your child and part of the body of Christ. What a glorious truth to realise that I am a new creation in Christ and have the Holy Spirit of God living in my heart. Help me to live in complete dependence on You and in godly unity with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Keep me from contentions and strife and help me to consider the needs of others before my own. And Lord I pray that the mind that was in Christ Jesus may dwell in me richly so that I may act justly; love mercy and to walk humbly before You all the days of my life – this I ask in Jesus name, AMEN.

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