Tips on Worship

Core Habit #3: Tips on Worshiping and Belonging 

By Daryl Dash

Here’s what we can do before, during, and after we meet together at church, whether on Sundays or as you gather in smaller groups within the church throughout the week. By

Before Church — Let’s not overlook an important step: plan to be there, whenever possible, every week. Unless we prioritize worship and belonging, other activities will crowd it out. It’s important to show up. 

Beforehand, prepare yourself. This preparation includes getting enough rest the night before, leaving on time, and praying for God to work during your time with God’s people. 

Preparation is important for worshiping and belonging. 

During Church — If you go to the gym, you’ve probably heard about the importance of engaging your core. You can exercise without using your core, but you won’t get the same results. 

In the same way, engage your core when you gather at church. Refuse to sleepwalk through worship. Think about the words you sing. Let your heart engage with the truths you encounter. Listen to the sermon with expectancy. Don’t run out immediately; strike up a conversation with someone instead. 

Sam Allberry says, “It is almost impossible to overstate the positive impact we can have on others if we are coming looking for ways in which to be an encouragement.” 

Expect to encounter God when you worship at church. Expect God to use you. Ask for His help. Do everything in your power to worship Him and to encourage others. 

After Church — When you leave, make some time to reflect on what you experienced. Review the Scripture, and ask God to reveal any action you should take. If you encountered anyone who needs prayer, make a note to pray for them that week. 

Commit to praying for the ministry of your church. Pray for the leaders and others who are part of that church community. Ask God to continue to work and begin to pray for the coming week.

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