The Most Important Thing

Today’s meditation is from Bethany Church (Singapore)

The Most Important Thing 

Scripture – Luke 9:59-62

Many Christians have intentionally, or unintentionally, put the Lord Jesus in the last place of their life priorities. We need to pay attention to this because Jesus Christ is God. He deserves to get the first place, the best time, the most beautiful talents, the best energy, and the best of all of us. Christ said, “Follow me!” It seems that the first man in this story wanted to come along and follow Jesus only after he buried his father first. The other person said, “I will follow You, Lord.” He volunteered to come, but he wanted to say goodbye to his family first. 

We can learn a few things from this story. First, we may often put Jesus Christ last. When do we do it? It’s when we say, “I will do this for my family first, before doing this for the church”; “I will pay the car loan first, before paying my tithes”; “I will pay the debt first, before helping them”; “If I had more time, I would pray more”; “I want to go to church, but I still have a lot of work to do”. These are examples of how we put Christ in the last place. 

Second, sinners also put Christ last. When do they do that? It’s when they say, “I’m still young and have a lot of time; “I still want to live in sin a little longer”; “I want to earn a lot of money first”; “I’m afraid of what friends or family will say if I follow Christ.” 

Those who do not place the Lord Jesus first are not worthy of the Kingdom of God (Luke 9:62). We may deny it right now, but we will all know who or what matters most in our lives on judgment day. Jesus wants the first and foremost place of attention in our lives. 


1.Do you love God? How much do you love God? 

2.If we were now at the judgment seat of Christ, what would He say about us? Would He say that we placed Him first?

Practice: What you love the most you will always put first. Put the Lord Jesus above all else.

Prayer – 
Give me wisdom, O God, to make you and your Kingdom THE primary value of my home. Help me demonstrate your compassion and your holy character in my interactions with my loved ones. Help me be loyal, faithful, and supportive of them so they will see those characteristics in me and know that my heart’s first allegiance is to you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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