Written  by Dr. Neil Anderson

Matthew 6:33 

Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you

A common question I am asked by those who believe the Bible and accept the reality of the spiritual world is, “When is a problem spiritual and when is it psychological or neurological?” Our problems are never not psychological. Our mind, will and emotions, along with developmental issues, always contribute something to the problem and are necessary for the resolution. At the same time, our problems are never not spiritual. God is always present. Furthermore, it is never safe to take off the armor of God. The possibility of being deceived, tempted and accused by Satan is a continuous reality.

Our culture assumes that any problem related to the mind must be psychological or neurological. Why can it not be spiritual? We must take into account the total realm of reality: body, soul and spirit. If we don’t, we will polarize into a psychotherapeutic ministry that ignores spiritual reality or some kind of deliverance ministry that ignores developmental issues or human responsibility. The diagnosis and resolution of our problems must take into account both the psychological and the spiritual. I have assured hundreds of people under spiritual attack that they are not going crazy, but that there is a battle going on for their minds. The relief this insight brings to people is incredible.

I fully acknowledge that some problems are caused by chemical imbalances or glandular disorders. For these you had better see your family physician. But it seems that the last possibility to be considered is always the spiritual and only after every other possible natural explanation has been exhausted. But since we are instructed to seek first the kingdom of God, why not check out the spiritual area first? Frankly, I approach every problem hoping it is spiritual in nature, because I know on the authority of the Word of God that the problem is resolvable. If the battle is for the mind, we can win that war.

Prayer: Father God, keep me tuned to the reality of the spiritual world and mindful of the problems that come when I fail to seek a spiritual solution to my daily problems.

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