Reaching Out For Jesus

Today’s meditation is from Bethany Church (Singapore)

Reaching Out For Jesus 

Mark 5:25-34

Wherever Jesus went, crowds of people followed Him and crowded near Him. Amid the crowd, a woman approached Jesus from behind and touched His robe (v. 27). Jesus asked: “Who touched my clothes?” (v. 30). His disciples answered: “You see the people crowding against you, and yet you can ask, ‘Who touched me?” (v. 31). 

Jesus is indeed someone who attracts the attention of the world. Throughout the ages, people crowded near Him. Philosophers seek to explain His teachings, artists make statues or paintings of Him, and psychologists explain His greatness. Many people crowded near Him, but no one touched Him. They only thought of Jesus as the giver of inspiration and not the Savior or someone who brings salvation. 

Every Sunday, for centuries, millions of people, including all of us, have crowded around Jesus around the world. All of us come with different desires and motivations. The sick hope to get healing. The poor want to be enriched. Those who are in trouble long to get rid of their problem. The question is, how many of them long to touch Him and have a personal relationship with Him? Life will be different if we want to have a relationship with Him. 

Don’t worship Jesus without touching Him! Invite Him to be fully present in your life. Give Him a place, especially in your home. Let us include Him in all the movements and rhythms of our lives. He understands us better. Be someone who resembles Him through the correct knowledge of Him. 


1.Is our spiritual life just like many other people crowding around Jesus? 

2.What can you do to touch Jesus? 

Practice: Intimacy doesn’t happen instantly. Have an intensive relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Dear Lord and Heavenly Father, the length and breadth and height and depth of Your grace and mercy is beyond our understanding. Thank You, that You are ready and willing to save those that are lost, to bind up the broken-hearted and release those that have been made captive by Satan. Thank You, that Your arms of mercy are open to Jew and Gentile alike, and that there is no sin so great that it cannot be forgiven, by grace through faith in Christ’s sacrificial death and glorious resurrection. May I be willing to go where You send me and to tell those whom I meet, of the great things You have done for me. Thank You, that Your mercy is everlasting for all who will believe. Thank You in Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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