Oh, that fear

By Jovita Sheppard

“I sought the Lord and He heard me, and He delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4 

Fear is described as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous or likely to cause pain. As we walk through life, many things exist to cause a rise in the emotion of fear. Civil unrest, severe storms that produce devastation, the uncontrollable actions of others, or the thought of losing someone you care about are all examples of things that naturally cause fear. Anxiety is becoming one of the most common emotions and stems from a fear of things we cannot control. 

The dangerous part of fear is that it can keep us from pursuing God. There are questions that we may ask ourselves: Will anything change as a result of me seeking God first? What if I don’t feel a difference? What if seeking God first cost me too much? From this scripture in Psalms, we can learn that the best way to be delivered from fear is to seek after the Lord. The God-first lifestyle sets us free from all fear and enables us to handle anxiety properly. The Bible declares to be anxious for nothing. How do we do this? We drive out anxiety and fear by daily putting God first. In this, he gives us “the spirit of power and a sound mind.” 

Today take a moment to confess or journal things that you fear. As you release those fears, verbally commit to seeking the Lord regarding these things and request the deliverance God granted David that he pens in this verse. That same deliverance is available to us today.

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