Loving God

Today’s meditation is from Bethany Church (Singapore) http://www.bcs.org.sg

Loving God 

Scripture – Matthew 22:36-37

Dr. Gary Chapman mentions “Five Love Languages.” A love language is the way we express our love to our spouse, children, family, or friends. The five love languages are the languages of giving, touching, service, words, and quality time. We need to speak these five love languages. 

The five love languages also seem appropriate ways for us to express our love for God as we seek to love Him with all our heart, soul, and the strength of our mind. How do we express that love? 

First, we can express our love for God by giving. We can give back some of the blessings we have received from God through our offerings. Love should be the motive for our giving, not the hope that God will bless us with more gifts. God has set an example for us by giving His Son for us. 

Indeed, we cannot physically touch God, but we are touching His heart when we pray to Him with sincerity. That is our love language of touch. 

Serving others is also a way to express our love for God. Remember that when we do good to others, we are doing something for God (Matt. 25:31-46). 

There is nothing wrong with saying, “I love You, Jesus”. Even though He is omniscient, He longs for us to verbally express our love to Him. 

Our quality time with God happens, not only when we pray, but also when we focus on Him. In whatever we do, we always want to glorify the One we love. 


1.How have you expressed your love for God today? 

2.Which love languages do you speak frequently? Which love languages do you speak rarely? 

Practice: Use all your love languages for God as evidence that you love Him.

Loving Father thank You for loving me when I was dead in my sins and for bringing me into Your family, simply because I trusted the Lord Jesus as Saviour – Lord I want to love you with every part of my being. May I live as You would choose and love You with all my heart and soul and strength and mind, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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