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When Heaven invaded Earthby Gateway Ministries

Have you heard about what happened in Almolonga, Guatemala? 

Yesterday we talked about what it means when God brings Heaven to Earth through our businesses. Today we’ll see what it looks like on the ground. 

Almolonga, Guatemala was a terrible place. Alcoholism, the occult, and witchcraft were widespread. Abuse, murder, and other crimes was rampant. Their four jails were overflowing, and they routinely bussed prisoners to other cities. They were a farming region, but the land was unproductive. 

After almost being murdered, one farmer was at the end of his rope. In desperation, he knelt down and rededicated his farm, his life, and the region’s land to God. Other farmers joined him and they prayed that God would shower down His blessings on a land that seemed cursed. They prayed that their corner of Earth would look like Heaven (Matthew 6:10). 

The Lord heard their prayer and answered in a dramatic way (Exodus 2:24-25). The people of Almolonga renounced their idols. They stopped frequenting bars and started attending church. Many who were idle began working hard. Marriages were saved and enemies reconciled. 

Over the coming years, Almolonga’s 36 bars and cantinas dwindled to three. Each of the four jails in the city closed, and the last one was remodeled as “The Hall of Honor.” The Christian mayor and church leaders there believe 80% of the residents have become followers in Christ. 

One of the most dramatic results has been in the realm of agriculture. For years, crop yields had suffered from arid land and poor work habits. Now the land produces up to three harvests every year. Almolonga’s farmers used to send four truckloads of crops to the markets every month. Now they send 40 truckloads per week. Farmers pay cash for large Mercedes trucks and emblazon them with Bible verses and Christian phrases. 

The crops themselves have changed, too. Vegetables grow to double their normal size. Carrots often grow to the size of a man’s forearm. Agricultural researchers have visited Almolonga from the US and elsewhere, trying to understand how they get multiple annual harvests of oversized crops. But they don’t find what they expected. 

God healed their land.

Do you think the Lord cares about your land, too? 

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