Don’t Crucify

Don’t crucify the resurrected man

By Gateway Ministries

As we do business supernaturally, it’s critical that we don’t try to crucify the resurrected man. 

Wait… what? 

About seven times in the Gospels, Jesus commanded His followers to die to ourselves. I take that to mean that we die to our own self-centered, evil desires and put the Kingdom and the King first. 

In Romans 6 through 8, Paul references living the resurrected life about 40 times. This is our call…to live in the resurrection power of Jesus for the rest of our lives. 

“But wait,” I hear someone say. “John the Baptist said, ‘He must increase, and I must decrease.’ Shouldn’t that be our prayer?” 

In general, I don’t think so. John, the greatest prophet of all, according to Jesus, represented the end of an era. The closing of the Old Covenant. The end of the era of the Law and the Prophets. John and his message were on the way out. 

The death and resurrection of Jesus would usher in a new age in human history. A new type of creation was about to enter the scene: Humans with God inside. That’s what you are. 

So perhaps your focus needs to change. Rather than focusing on what to kill inside, perhaps it’s time to see what the Spirit wants to maximize in you. (Focusing on killing sin doesn’t work anyway. Focusing on maximizing our passion for Jesus is the remedy for sin.) 

You and I are called to kill selfishness. But not to kill the desires the Spirit is stirring within us. You are the outward, physical manifestation of Jesus living on the Earth today. The Holy Spirit wears you like a glove. 

The Lord will use your preferences, your desires, your passions, talents, personality, and looks. I got confused on this in years past. I thought my desire to succeed in business was part of my selfishness I needed to kill. “…and I must decrease.” But that was probably part of that false secular-sacred dichotomy. Fueled by the voice of the enemy. 

Spirit-filled believers should be on the leading edge of business, inventions, technology, fashion, art, and music. But we’ll never get there if we’re just trying to kill the resurrected man. 

And we’ll never get there if we’re jealous of someone else. If you understand God’s call on your life, God’s passion for you, and God’s limitless ability to bring Heaven to Earth through you, you would never want to be anyone else. Read that sentence again and think about it. 

So what desires has God placed in you? Have you died to dreams that Jesus wants to resurrect? And what new dreams does He want you to pursue today? I’m praying that you’ll walk in your full destiny and calling, living your life to the fullest. He’ll get the glory, and you’ll have the ride of your life! 

Remember, He’s not limited by anything you can ask or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20-21) 

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