Doing Business Supernaturally

A False Dichotomy 
by Gateway Ministries

I believed a lie for the first 28 years of my Christian life.  

It’s a lie that’s all too common in Christian circles, and if you’re a businessperson, I’m guessing you’ve struggled with it, too. 

I believed in a secular-sacred dichotomy. And it caused me to perform below my capacity. Both in business and in church. 

Let me explain… 

When I became a follower of Christ my senior year of college, I somehow got a mental memo that said that all of the godliest believers…those who were most serious about their faith…went into full-time vocational ministry. After all, the famous biographies, the sermons, and the pulpits are filled with those who “gave up everything for Jesus.” And none of them went into business (or it seemed). 

So I felt inferior. And I considered quitting my MBA program to go to Bible College. I felt that if I stayed in business, I would always be a second-class Christian, whose role in the church would be to sit on a finance committee or to fill the offering plate to fund those doing the realwork for God. Those in full-time ministry. 

But I failed to recognize that I was drafted into full-time ministry the day I got saved. And so were you. 

I also failed to realize that business is not a second class calling. It is every bit as legitimate as being in a pulpit. 

No Dichotomy

There is no dichotomy between sacred and secular. Everything is spiritual. God’s Kingdom extends over every area of life, not just inside the four walls of a church building. And we, as businesspeople, often have more effective and broader contact with the world than a typical pastor does. Plus more opportunities to display God’s love and power in unexpected ways. 

He promised to be with us and that His Spirit would guide us into all truth. Your business is not exempt from this promise. That’s great news, isn’t it?  

God is waiting for us to access His counsel and His insight so we can apply Heaven’s solutions to Earth and teach His ways by demonstrating solutions to the world’s problems. The world is broken and crying out for answers (see Romans 8:19). We have access to answers…by the Holy Spirit. We should expect to be the innovators, the creators, inventors, and designers of solutions to the cries of humanity. 

What Jesus demonstrated in healing bodies is the same power that can transform your business… and community… and the nations. 

Have you renounced the secular-sacred dichotomy? Are you partnering to bring Heaven to Earth in your sphere of business and life today? 

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