Day 98 – God Using Others

April 8, 2022
Theme – What has God Said?
Today – What has God said through the teaching of others

Scripture – Roman’s 12:6-8

How often have you sat in a worship service and felt that the person bringing the Word of God that day had somehow been able to peer into your very soul and crafted that message for you, and only you? That can be exciting because it’s evident that God is leading the messenger (who likely knows nothing of your current situation) and you as the recipient.

But wait, this experience is not limited to your regular church service! If you take the time to put other sources of Godly teaching into your life throughout the week, you are increasing the opportunities for God to teach you. It could be a book on Christian living, a podcast that is discussing a theological truth, an online service of another church of some famous or little-known preacher. One of the benefits of today’s technical world is that there is a wealth of spiritual teaching at our fingertips.

As we allow more spiritual teaching into our lives, I have to believe that its an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to teach us exactly what we need to hear.

So the question today is this…how has the teaching of others been used by God to speak into your life over these past 100 days? What have you learned through the teaching of others?

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Almighty God, I come to You today and give thanks for all ways and people who teach Your Word to me. Thank You for glorifying Yourself through the spiritual gifts of Your children. Fill them with your strength, so they may rise to every challenge and not grow weary. Fill them with your wisdom, so that they may be able to make good judgement when guiding and helping others. Amen.

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