Day 95 – The Holy Spirit

April 5, 2022
Theme – What has God Said?
Today – What has God said through listening to Holy Spirit?

Scripture – John 14:25-26

After you read the next sentence, stop and think about it for a moment. We have, in the Holy Spirit, the same Teacher who faithfully breathed the perfect and practical words of Scripture to imperfect people across thousands of years.

Does that sentence excite your soul? That the author of the Bible is available to you and I today?

Not only did the Holy Spirit teach the disciples, He desires to teach us today. He wants to show us the depth of God, that we may learn to mirror Jesus. The Holy Spirit’s plan for us is to know Him and Scripture so well, that we pursue His wisdom for our lives and not the ‘wisdom’ of the world. The teaching and molding desire of the Holy Spirit is not restricted to each of us personally but also to the church, which is lead by Jesus Christ.

Over these past 100 days, we have been leaning into the Lord for personal growth and for the future steps of Hope Fellowship. What has the Holy Spirit been saying to you during these days? What sense of direction do you feel the Holy Spirit is prompting you personally and corporately as a church?

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Almighty God, I come before You on behalf of our church. Please crush any weapon formed against them, and do not allow it to prosper. God, we pray that You will grant our church with the spirit of Solomon so that it may have sound wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Thank You for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and I pray we will all be sensitive to Your leading and faithful to follow.


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