Day 94 – The Bible

April 4, 2022
Theme – What has God Said?
Today – What has God said through Scripture?

Scripture – 2 Timothy 3:16, Luke 24:26, 27

Marty was confused. He was constantly thinking of new questions, wrestling with them in his head, searching for answers from others in either verbal or written form. Marty was a young man who had a passion to learn as much about God as he could. He was diligent in his quest, pestering his instructors and peers constantly with questions and ready to debate. He had so much to discuss and Marty was anxious to learn but he constantly felt he was coming up short in his thirst for knowledge and wisdom. Evidently, young Marty was familiar with Latin and he arrived at a novel idea and made his life’s cry ‘Ad Fontes!’ (The Latin phrase means, ‘Back to The Sources.’)

So, Martin Luther dusted off his red Bible and began his search to discover who God says He is, not who Luther (and others) assumed Him to be. An amazing discovery was found by the inquisitive monk: Jesus is the Word of God in flesh! From that time on, the Scriptures were his starting and ending points of Martin knowing God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the church and the steps for his life. For Luther, it was the joint relationship of the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit that led how he did life and church, which certainly got Luther in trouble with the established church but that is the subject for another day.

Over these past 100 Days, what has the Holy Spirit told you as you’ve read the accompanying Scriptures each day? How have you been prompted in your own life? In what ways has God given you vision and passion for Hope Fellowship and the future of His church here in Dorchester?

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Dear Lord, I thank You for the gift of Your Word so we can knowYou, Your will, and Your plan for us. By giving us Your Word, You have also shown us what we are to do to please You. Thank you for teaching me and speaking to me as I read Your word. I ask that Your Holy Spirit to continue to guide my steps personally and the future of Hope Fellowship. Give me insight as I read the Bible. Thank You Lord for Your leading.


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