Day 92 – Spirit of Love

April 2, 2022
Weekly Theme- Celebrating God Again
Daily Theme- Thanking God for the Spirit of Love

Scripture –1 Corinthians 13:1-4

The Spirit of Love is what sets us apart from the rest of the world. It is out of love that we; care, value life, give of ourselves, and help others. It is out of love that comes honesty, integrity, a desire to please God, and keep His Commandments.

Love is defined for us in Scripture. Love is demonstrated and modelled for us in the life of Jesus. It’s all right there for us but so often we get it wrong. Sin has painted a counterfeit picture of what God intended and if you turn on the news, you see the devastating results of that repeated, time and again.

Thankfully we have the Holy Spirit and Scripture to retreat to for safety, refreshment, teaching and empowerment. We press on because of the love of God, thanking Him for that love each day and staying faithful to the very essence of Matthew 22:37-39, “to love God first and love your neighbour as yourself”.

Themes to Pray Today
that you will show patience and kindness to each other as we wait on God
-for opportunities to give love to others as Christ reveals them to us
-to love not as the world looks at love but for our church to display the love of Christ -to let love motivate to do the works of the Lord that he has planned for you.


Father, in your great love for us you gave your Son to die, so that we can be saved. There is nothing that you ask of us that can compare to that kind of Love. May we know your love and may we be your love in this world.

Heart Question

When we are asked to love one another are we paralleling it with Christ’s definition as listed in Corinthians?


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