Day 9 – It’s Time To Sing It Out

January 9, 2022
Theme of Week – Celebrating God’s Character and Provision

Daily Theme – Singing Praise 

Scripture – Psalm 9:1-2

Our ears tend to perk up when we hear the word, benefits. Whether it in our compensation package at work or a particular activity we may engage in, there is always something special about finding out ‘what is in for me?’

As we begin the second week of 100 Days of Prayer, we want to focus our prayers on the beautiful character and wonderful provision of God. We will give Him the glory and position that He is due, but did you know that there is something in it for you? Even in the midst of us giving praise to God, we benefit. Praising God helps us combat depression, anxiety, loneliness, and feelings of defeat. Praise helps us keep our focus on the Lord instead of our situations. Praise helps us to love our brothers and sisters the way God commands. Praising God helps us walk in the victory that is ours in Christ Jesus.

How beautiful is God? Even in us taking the focus off ourselves and praising Him, He continues to bless us. No wonder David writes these words of Psalm 9, that he gives his whole heart to singing the praises of God and he isn’t holding anything back.

Unfortunately, many of us hold out on God, sometimes because of fear (perhaps the fear of what people will say or think). We have to move beyond that fear and praise God aloud and on purpose. Let’s open our mouths and tell the world. Let’s sing praises to God and to His name. Even if we’re not the best singers in the world, we can still sing praises to His name.

Themes to pray over

  • ⁃  Take one word that describes God’s character and thank Him for that
  • ⁃  Praise God that His promises are true and faithful
  • ⁃  Praise the Lord for mercy He demonstrated in past chapters of your life
  • A prayer of praise to God
  • Dear Lord, My heart is filled with joy when I look to You. You are Lord of all creation and make all things new, including me. I am filled with peace when I think of your love for me. For you are Lord, you’re right beside me and keep me safe. You Lord, are my Rock and my Hope. You are truth and worthy of my praise.
  • Additional Resources
  • ⁃ A.W. Tozer’s book, The Knowledge of the Holy.
  • ⁃ Praise medley
  • A QuestionWhy do you think it’s important that God hear us praise Him?
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