Day 88 – Storytime

Day 88 – March 29, 2022
Weekly Theme- Celebrating God Again Daily

Theme- Thankfulness of Testimonies

Scripture –1 Peter 3:15

For centuries, knowledge was handed down through story-telling. Jesus used parables and God constantly reminded the children of Israel to “remember”. He usually started with “remember” when He had something to tell them. He also instructed them to pile stones in remembrance so those who came along after them would understand what happened there.

We all have a different story but we are all instructed by Peter to have that story on the ready. The world watches Christ-followers and if they recognize a hope and peace in our lives, we may be asked about it and need to be prepared to tell our story. Our testimony is the story of God’s interaction in our lives. When we share it, we are sharing the example of God and all that He is and has done in our lives. Our church has it’s own testimony that is shared by all of us within Hope Fellowship. Let’s celebrate what God does in our personal lives and in the lives of our sisters and brothers in Christ.

Themes to Pray Today
for opportunities to share our testimony, this comes with a request for boldness, honesty,

and vulnerability
-that we would be a witness to God’s love, guidance, protection, wisdom, steadfastness,

provision and so much more


Father, you are the great author of our story. You have penned each chapter knowing the very end.
In your great love for us you have placed us on this earth with the purpose to bare witness to your truth. May we never forget how we came to be ‘children of God’.

Heart Question

What is your faith story?


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