Day 87 – Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Weekly Theme- Celebrating God Again

Theme- The Faithfulness of God

Scripture –2 Thessalonians 3:3

Have you ever promised to do something? Or had someone promise to do something for you? Many a country have been pulled into a war because they promised to be an ally to someone else; when that promised nation is invaded, that ally comes to the aid and is ready to do battle. Promises occur on the world stage and in our personal lives as well, each of us have been on the diving and receiving end of them.

If you trust that person and they have proven their word to be true, there is probably some relief from anxiety just knowing that the promise will be fulfilled. How much greater are the promises from our Father in Heaven? He will strengthen, protect, and guard us against evil. He will never forget His promises! The Apostle Paul tells us today in 2 Thessalonians 3:3 that the Lord is faithful and will protect us from the evil one. When we are invaded by Satan, Jesus is faithful to go to battle with us. Celebrate that today.

Themes to Pray Today
confidence in His promises that we find in His word
-strength to face whatever is challenging us today
-for protection on us physically, emotionally, and spiritually

-thankfulness because He in on Guard for us against the evil one


Father, you have stirred our church on this 100 day journey to dive into your word and listen for your voice. We stand in unity as we pray for strength and protection against any opposition from the evil one. We stand with Pastor Jeff and the members of the church as you are revealing to him/us,the future of Hope Church.

Heart Question

Are you always faithful in your promises to others and to God?

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