Day 93 – God Says…

April 3, 2022
Theme – What has God Said?
Today – What has God said through circumstance? Scripture – Matthew 10:11-14

How often has your well planned-out day been derailed? A flat tire or a cancelled appointment leads to a domino effect of touching your other commitments on the calendar. A health crisis extends our stay and we have to juggle the days to follow. We’ve all been there and most likely will be there again in the near future. I know I often grow frustrated at such occurrences and it can sour my mood. Often after these times, I am humbled yet again to see that God brought, or allowed, these circumstances into my life to have me right in the position He wanted me to be in to learn or to help.

Circumstances…God uses them to place us in a teachable or serviceable position. In the Matthew 10 passage, Jesus teaches His disciples that how they are received can dictate God’s direction for that moment. We have all encountered various circumstances that can help navigate God’s direction for our lives.

Some guidance through God’s circumstantial direction can be heard from a Desiring God podcast where John Piper answers the question from a missionary couple whose funding had dried up. They were wondering how to interrupt these circumstances for what God would have them do. John Piper’s counsel to them was that first, God is saying something through this event but they should be careful when determining what that is. To him, there were three likely interpretations of this event: 1. It was a test of faith, 2. It was a sign they needed to change their fundraising strategy, or 3. It was time to move on from this season of ministry as God was calling them elsewhere. To the last point Piper stated, “I would simply say that that interpretation of ending is something you should be very, very slow to take up and conclude that’s what God is doing.”

I agree with this method of interpretation. Look at the circumstances of your life, lay out the possible outcomes, and then faithfully walk with God through each possible interpretation to see which one emerges as the true will of God for you right now.

What has God been saying to you in your life personally and in the life of Hope Fellowship through circumstances these past 100 days?

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Thank you, Lord, for the blessings you have bestowed on my life. You have provided me with more than I could ever have imagined. Thank you for the circumstances that You use to teach me. May I constantly be aware of these teachable moments that circumstances can bring. Make me conscious of how circumstances can be used to help bring vision to the kingdom of God at Hope Fellowship.


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