Day 82 – Future Worship

Theme of the Week – Prayer for the future of Hope Fellowship

Today – Worship…What Does It Look Like?
Scripture – Isaiah 25:1-5

As you read the words of Isaiah 25:1, when Isaiah speaks of exaltation and praise, your initial thought may gravitate toward worship singing. That’s legitimate and understandable, but not complete. We have been conditioned to think that worship is singing, and although it certainly helps change our focus and direct our thoughts, worship is so much more.

As we pray about the future of Hope Fellowship, we want to lift up the aspect of worship as an event. It’s no secret we have the opportunity for more to bless us in the area of worship singing, and we need to pray for that. But we want to also want to ask God to direct us in expanding our worship experiences to possibly include

⁃ Expanded Bible reading in the service

  • Prayer in ways outside of the usual format
  • Acts of Service
  • Fellowship
  • Generosity
  • Obedience

Visit for additional thoughts and direction.

Themes to pray over todaypage4image1532772736

⁃ Praise the Lord for the freedom we have to worship Him
– Thank God for the opportunity to worship in the context of a community of faith
– Seek forgiveness for the selfish times in your life when worship of God has been neglected

– Pray for a vision of how Hope Fellowship can expand their worship experiences beyond singing

A Prayer For Us All
Dear heavenly Father You are my God, my Lord and my Salvation. I will praise Your name for ever and ever for You have done wonderful things for me and for all who trust in Your unfailing goodness and mercy – praise the Lord oh my soul and let all that is within me glorify and worship His holy name – in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.





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