Day 80 – Remembering The Future

Theme of the Week – Prayer for the future of Hope Fellowship
Today – Prayer for the future heart of the church (generations to come)

Scripture – Joel 2:28-32

I admit it, one look at the news or spending a day walking among the world, and I am grieved for my children and any future branches of my family tree. The lifestyle that is contrary to what Scripture calls us to, is the norm today and doesn’t seem to be tilting toward God anytime soon. It’s possible some days to throw your hands in the air and give up, thinking that God has lost.

But we should never believe that as we read the Bible. If we rest in the assurances of Scripture then we see that a day is coming (as prophesied in the Joel passage listed above) when in the end times there will be a great pouring out of the Spirit of God. Until that comes to pass, we want to continue to pray for our ‘sons and daughters’.

The future generations of Hope Fellowship need to be lifted up in prayer. Pray for salvations, commitment, growth, strength and perseverance. Let’s pray for the future hearts of Hope, for those people a month from now, a year from now, ten and twenty years from now.

Themes to pray today

  • Pray encouragement over the Hope Fellowship community of faith
  • Pray for the younger generations, for commitment and growth
  • Ask God to bless, nourish and grow His church for years to come

A prayer for us all
Heavenly Father, thank You for Your many precious promises to Your people Israel and that despite their rejection of Christ as Messiah, You have not rejected them. Thank You that in Your grace You gave Your Spirit at Pentecost to dwell in the heart of all who trust Christ as Saviour and thank You that this wonderful prophecy will one day be finally and fully fulfilled. But until that time.. use me I pray to tell out the good news of Christ. I pray for the generations to come of Hope Fellowship, that young and old, women, men and children would know Jesus and grow to be like Him. Amen





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