Day 8 – Your Need For The Helmet & Sword

Daily Theme – Arming With The Helmet and Sword 

Scripture Ephesians 6:10-20 (Specifically verse 17)

if you’ve ever had a powerful knock on the head, then you’re quite aware of the effects and that it takes time to recover. In order to stay safe in certain aspects of life, we need to be properly prepared. Riding a bike? Wear a helmet. Working construction? Wear a hard-hat. Playing a contact sport? Wear a helmet. Going into battle? Definitely, wear a helmet.

What is the helmet of salvation that Paul references? It’s not a nod to the past and the fact that Jesus has saved us and assured our future with Him, although we need to celebrate that each day. The helmet of salvation is what keeps us thinking straight in the time of the world’s utter confusion, which easily occurs in a state of darkness. The helmet of salvation has us recognizing that human plans are doomed to fail and that Jesus will overcome and all will see He is Lord of lords. We need to lean into this truth, for it helps empower us to persevere in this world.

The sword of the Spirit is our only offensive weapon in the armour of God, all others are defensive (with the exception of prayer). We can’t always be in a defensive posture though, we have the power to be victorious in Christ simply by using the powerful Word of God to stop Satan in his tracks. One of the goals of the 100 ‘Days of Prayer, is for us to internalize the Word of God as we seek the Lord.

You are armed to do battle, but no doubt you will need to return to this list of Ephesians 6 for continued strength. And of course, Paul finishes this spiritual battle to-do list with the encouragement to pray continually through it. Let’s be faithful to do so.

Themes to pray

  • Ask God to continually remind you of your salvation
  • Pray that the truths of Revelation are brought to mind (Read Revelation 19 if you need a reminder)
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to bring the promises of Scripture to you during your day
  • Pray for a commitment to seek answers to life in the Bible

A prayer for each of us
Loving Father, thank You for the many provisions You have made for my protection against the evil enemy that seeks to defeat and destroy my trust in You. Teach me Your Word so that I may be effective in my life-walk with You, and my witness to others, in Jesus name I pray,


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