Day 77 – Believing God’s Plan

Theme of the Week – Prayer for love of the Word of God

Today  – Prayer that we see God’s plan for our lives in Scripture

Scripture – Psalm 32

If you ever recognize that you don’t know something and then have the benefit of being educated in some way, you greatly value and appreciate the wisdom you have been shown, as well as the peace you’ll experience in the future.  If you haven’t done so yet, read through Psalm 32 and you’ll notice how David appreciates all God had done in his life. Theologian G. Campbell Morgan describes this Psalm with these words…“It is a Psalm of penitence, but it is also the song of a ransomed soul rejoicing in the wonders of the grace of God. Sin is dealt with; sorrow is comforted; ignorance is instructed.” 

Psalm 32:8 gives us the promise that our ignorance will be instructed, and honestly, who doesn’t want to experience this. Here David is speaking in God’s voice and telling us instruction is there for those who desire it. God promised that for those who diligently seek and focus on Him, He will also guide. 

Where does that seeking start on our part? With the Bible and in it, we see God’s best for our lives. 

In Scripture our faith awakens, we understand the need to be free from sin and Satan and our need for a Messiah. The Bible frees us from corruption and leads us to godliness and sanctification. In the Bible we see true love, joy and hope. It’s all right there, in God’s love letter t us. The Bible. Read it, love it, live it..

Themes to pray today

 – Pray and celebrate Psalm 32 over your own life today

  • Ask God to strengthen your personal belief in His Word
  • Pray for each person of Hope Fellowship to have a passion for His Word in their own lives

A Prayer For Us All Today

Heavenly Father, there are many times when I have failed to listen to Your voice, gone my own way, and fallen flat on my face! Thank You that I can confess my faults to You, and that You are faithful and just to forgive all my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Help me to grow in grace, mature in the faith, and draw ever closer to You. Keep me alert to your instructions, show me the path I should go, and guide me with Your eye, I pray. How wonderful to know that You have scheduled every day of my life for my greater benefit. May I never stray from Your perfect path, and may my life be a godly witness to others and a blessing to You. This I ask in Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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