Day 68 – Seniors Day

Weekly Theme – Praying for the demographics of Hope Fellowship

Today – seniors
Scripture – Isaiah 46.4, psalm 71.9 psalm 92.12-14

There was once a family who had a priceless family heirloom – a vase – that was passed down one generation to the next. One day, the parents of the family who had possession of the vase, left the teenagers at home while they went out shopping for the day. When they returned home, their children met the parents at the door, with sad faces, reporting: “Mom, dad…you know that priceless heirloom our family passes down one generation to the next? … well, our generation just dropped it.” Each generation has memories, stories and values it wants to pass along to the next; this especially includes the spiritual values of our faith.

Today we want to lift up the seniors of Hope Fellowship and praise God for the model they set for those who follow behind. It must be discouraging for them to see the changes in their lifetime of a culture that has drifted further from the Lord (in other words, a dropping of the vase.) Today we pray they are encouraged by the Holy Spirit and by the Body of Christ at Hope Fellowship. We pray that they will continue to finish well, to press on and show this world the beauty of Jesus.

Themes to pray over today

  • ⁃  Pray for the seniors of Hope Fellowship by name
  • ⁃  Pray for health, provision, guidance and peace
  • ⁃  Ask God to encourage and strengthen them
  • A prayer for us all today
    Dear Lord, as I get older each day, I pray that I stay connected to you and project Jesus to this world. I pray the same for the seniors of Hope Fellowship. I thank you Lord for the blessing they are to this church. May they experience Your grace even more so today. Encourage them Lord and continue to use them for Your glory. Amen.
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