Day 67 – One Degree Removed

Weekly Theme – Praying for the demographics of Hope Fellowship

Today – under the church family umbrella ( one degree removed)

Scripture – 1 Timothy 2:1-6

Today we are going to expand our prayer focus one degree from the Hope Fellowship community of faith. We all have people in our lives that we interact with often but they don’t attend our church. It could be a child, grandchild, spouse, neighbour, co- worker…you get the idea. That person (or those people) are a part of your everyday circle but not a part of your church circle.

Bring the names of those people to the Lord today. Pray a blessing over them. Pray for their salvation or their return to the Lord. Pray for wisdom in their decision-making, Pray for resolution of a situation. Pray to know how to encourage them in their spirituality. Pray for their passion for the Lord. Pray for their future. Again, you get the idea.

These people that you bring the Lord today in prayer may be a part of your life or a part of the lives of your brothers and sisters in Christ here at Hope.

Themes to pray over today

  • ⁃  Pray over the kids/grandkids/spouses of those who are connected to HopeFellowship
  • ⁃  Ask God to draw them to the Cross
  • ⁃  Pray for their families and the issues in their lives that you know need assistance
  • A prayer for us all

  • Heavenly Father, we pray for those dear family and friends that are just one-degree removed from the Hope Fellowship family. They, just as I, need You and I pray that they are drawn to Jesus more and more each day. I pray God, there would be a moving in their lives, be it through victory or loss but they would come to You. Amen.
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