Day 65 – Prayer For Commitment

Weekly Theme – Praying for the various demographics of Hope Fellowship

Today – Jesus Emphasized Commitment To Him

Scripture – Luke 9:57-62

This week in the 100 Days of Prayer we want to shift our prayer focus onto the church family of Hope Fellowship. Each day, we want to lift up a particular people group of our community of faith, it will be up to you to bring the various names to the Lord as the Privacy Act of Canada limits us posting their names. I suggest you take a moment and write the names on a piece of paper for the week. If you need a reminder of those names, you can start by looking at the group email list to ensure you get everyone. 

You can pray for each other as the Holy Spirit leads you and we will provide a launching pad for you each day but please include a prayer for spiritual commitment for each person. In the Luke 9 passage that you hopefully read today, you see that Jesus is emphasizing a great commitment to Him over everything else in life. 

You may feel that Jesus was being unreasonable when he said that someone who looks back isn’t fit for the Kingdom of God, after all the guy was simply asking to go home to say goodbye to the family. People lived in extended families in that culture, and “saying goodbye” could well mean staying with them for weeks and tidying up their affairs before going off to follow Jesus. What this man did not understand was that by the time he took care of his own business to his satisfaction, Jesus would already be crucified. Only if he followed him immediately would he have any part in his mission. 

Jesus obviously wants us to care for the relationships in our lives, but He is simply stressing here that a Kingdom-first mentality is a prerequisite to a fulfilling life. Lets pray that for our church family this week. 

Themes to pray over

  • Ask God to strengthen your commitment to Jesus
  • Pray for our church family, that each of us would have a Kingdom-first mentality
  • Pray protection over the church as we are still in a spiritual battle

A prayer for each of us

Lord Jesus, forgive me when I’ve put my own priorities in front of yours. I’ve treated you more like a servant or an equal than my King and Lord and Sovereign. Forgive me. Have mercy upon me. Please help me to answer when you call, making no excuses. And though my track record of doing that is pretty spotty, I ask for your help and strength to be a disciple you can count on. In your powerful Name, I pray. Amen.

Heart Question

What is getting in the way of your total commitment to Christ? How do you think that answer will hold up when you face Christ one day?



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