Day 64 – Health

Weekly Theme – Praying For the Direction of Hope Fellowship

Today – expand / change / the health of current ministries?

Scripture – Eph 4.11-16, Col. 2.16-19

Change is rarely fun because it causes us to stretch and experience some growing pains. In the passages listed above, Paul speaks of the Body of Christ and how it grows. At Hope Fellowship, we want to grow spiritually and numerically and in all likelihood we need to change a little bit to realize the growth that God desires of us. But, we don’t want to change for the sake of change, we may need to change to be better positioned to add to God’s Kingdom. So let’s pray toward that.

Today, as we speak of change, let’s again scan the words of Karl Later from his PIVOT blog on the Christianity Today website.

1 – Define the shallow end of the pool. This is where everyone gets their feet under them and can define the common ground of the church.

2 – Embrace the common ground. What do we like about church? Then strengthen it. What do we hate (Karl’s words remember)? Then let’s start the turnaround process as God leads us.
3 – Touch the bottom of the pool. We need to remember why we are here…The common heritage, the Scriptures, the relationships with each other and most importantly, glorifying Jesus.

4 – Make waves together. As we move to the deep end of the pool together, we’ll make some waves and be a team….and start a wave for Jesus.

We want to experience the change for Kingdom building together, as God leads. Again, let’s pray toward that.

Themes to pray over

  • Ask God to show you what the common ground of Hope Fellowship is
  • Pray for what direction(s) we need to move toward to better fulfill our mandate from the Lord
  • Pray for plan to unfold as we step out in faith

A prayer For Us All (from Charles Wesley)

Almighty God, You who called the universe into being, You who formed our inmost being and called us to be your people:
We give you thanks for you constant presence. Through seasons of constancy and even change, you are with us – calling us into deeper waters, calling us together in your spirit of unity, calling us out of ourselves into the world to serve others.

Grant us faith as we may be called into new waters, that we might hold fast to unending love and mercy as a buoy – a love that promised to hold onto us even as we go where your Spirit leads us. Amen.

Heart Question

Does change excite or scare you? Why?


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