Day 61- Displaying God

Weekly Theme – Direction of Hope Fellowship
Today’s Idea – How to display God and see attraction to Him

Scripture – Isaiah 53:2-3

We don’t have a photo of Jesus, which is a good thing because I have no doubt that people would begin to worship it and not Jesus Himself. But if we did have a picture of Jesus, what do you think He would look like? We all have a visual of Him in our mind’s eye, that’s just a part of how our brains function as we read the gospels, a book on Christian living or hear a message about the Messiah.

We may picture Jesus standing head and shoulders above the crowd, long flowing hair, chiseled jaw that is covered by a closely trimmed beard. Maybe he is muscular from carrying countless logs into his dad’s carpentry shop. He may have that smile that will instantly calm a tense situation or melt the hearts of all who look at Him. It’s possible but I have doubts after reading Isaiah 53.

Look at verse 2 and 3 of Isaiah 53. he had no form or majesty that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by men,
a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

One of my favourite things about Jesus is that when He chose to take on human flesh, he just picked an average look. Jesus could have chosen to be the most attractive man that ever walked the planet, but instead, Isaiah 53 indicates that he chose to look average.

Therefore, we need to ask ourselves What Makes Jesus So Attractive? Well we play a role in that, showing this world that we can transformed to be more like Christ. Are we attracting people to know God through our daily average lives, or distracting them with our “good impressions?” It’s possible Jesus chose to be average so he could display the greatness of God and teach his disciples to do the same. Why was Jesus attractive? Why did Jesus draw enormous crowds? The glory of God was evident in the way Jesus lived, and God’s glory is still attractive today…through us!

Themes to pray over today

  • ⁃  Ask God to reveal to you areas of your life that don’t show the attractiveness of God to this world.
  • ⁃  Pray that Hope Fellowship will desire to display the beauty of Jesus to this region.
  • ⁃  Thank God for the Holy Spirit who drives us to be more like Jesus.
  • A Prayer For Us All
    Heavenly Father, the image of Christ in His humiliation as a man who had no exciting outward appearance or desirable human attributes to commend Him to the children of men, for whom He died.. stands in such stark contrast with His divine nature, His holy character, His sinless life; the sacrificial offering Himself – His amazing grace and eternal beauty. Thank You for the remnant of Israel that recognized Christ’s first advent and left witness to His sacrificial death and glorious resurrection. I pray that many in Israel will have their blindness removed and we
    rejoice to know that the day is coming when in happy unison, the nation will recognize their Messiah – at His second advent. To Him be all praise and glory, AMEN
  • Heart Question
    If we internalize that part of the attractiveness of Jesus is His followers, in what ways would you have to change your life?Journal _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________

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