Day 6 – Ready To Move

Day 6 – Jan. 6, 2022

Theme – Ready To Move

Scripture – Ephesians 6.10-20 (Specifically verse 15)

Many activities require unique a type of shoes. Take up tap-dancing, you’ll need some tap shoes to step to the beat. Start running and you’ll need quality footwear to prevent injury. If you are in an environment where something heavy will crush your toes, then steel toe boots or shoes are the gear for you.

This 100 Day of Prayer journey requires the readiness of our feet and the Apostle Paul addresses that in Ephesians 6. The shoes of the day were the sandals that everyone wore but as we find ourselves reading about armour, the sandals of the Roman soldiers would surely come to mind.

A soldier’s sandals were much like what the common Joe or Josephine would wear, except there would be spikes attached to the sole, so the soldier could gain traction in whatever fighting condition he found himself in.

As we ‘armour up’ for these 100 Days, know that you are going to need traction during this time because Satan isn’t pleased with us seeking God as a corporate unit.

Be ready and when the attack comes, rest in the gospel of peace. When someone you know is slipping in the battles of life, step in with the traction of the gospel of peace. Tell them of the hope you have as a Christ-follower and invite them to share that same hope in the gospel.

Prayer themes today.
⁃ Thank God for your salvation
⁃ Pray for the ability to remember your hope in difficult times
⁃ Pray that God would have His Truth go forth, regardless of the situation  ⁃ Ask God for boldness to speak His hope into the lives of others

A prayer to be ready to move
Lord God, my hope and future are in You and I celebrate the Good News of Jesus in my life. As I walk through valleys of discouragement, please keep my eyes focused on You. When my loved ones experience hopelessness, give me opportunity to speak encouragement and truth into their lives. May Your Holy Spirit provide the traction I need to press on for You.







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