Day 5 – Arming With The Belt and Breastplate

Day 5 – Jan. 5, 2022
Theme – Arming with belt of truth and breastplate of righteousness 

Scripture – Ephesians 6.10-20 (Specifically verse 14 today)

Make no mistake, as a church family we are entering into a spiritual battle as we seek the Lord and we need to prepare for this. Satan will throw at us whatever he can to confuse, discourage, divide and hinder us from hearing the Lord. Thankfully, Scripture give us the order of arming ourselves for this battle, it’s found in Ephesians 6.

The belt of truth. Roman soldiers wore short skirts (think Scottish kilts). Over that, a cloak was secured at the waist with a girdle. When they were about to enter battle they would tuck the tunic up under the girdle, so as to leave their legs free, ready to fight. Girding the loins was always a symbol of readiness to fight. That is why this is first, you can’t do battle until you first gird up the loins with truth. That truth, is asking God to remind you that you have a relationship with the source of all truth, Jesus Christ. Carry that into battle.

The breastplate of righteousness protects your emotional state. Satan will try to discourage us by attacking our insecurities, trying to impress upon us a lack of worth. The breastplate of righteousness is a reminder that because of Jesus Christ, we have a right standing with God the Father. We have that assurance of our salvation and His control in our lives. Remember, Jesus paid a price for you, let that truth supersede any lie that Satan will hurl toward you in an attempt to bring discouragement.

Remember during these 100 Days, and beyond, that you have experienced the source of Truth in Jesus Christ and rest assured, you are a member of the family of God. Don’t let discouragement and insecurity overwhelm those facts.

Themes to pray over

  • A thankfulness that my eyes were opened to my need for Jesus
  • Continue to reveal the Truth of Scripture to me during these 100 Days
  • May my identify in Christ be strengthened during these 100 Days
  • May a spiritual protection surround my church familyA prayer to the Lord.
    Loving Father, thank You for the many provisions You have made for my protection against the evil enemy that seeks to defeat and destroy my trust in You. Teach me Your Word so that I may be effective in my life-walk with You, and my witness to others, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.
  • A Question To Ponder

– What lie has Satan used to try to discourage you in the past?

Additional Resources
– Song Whom Shall I Fear by Chris Tomlin 

– Who I Am In Christ


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