Day 15 – My New Identity Is Simply Awesome

January 15, 2022
Theme of Week – Celebrating God’s Character and Provision

Daily Theme – Praising God for my identity in Christ 

Scripture – Ephesians 2:19-22, Colossians 1:11-13

Quick, what is your identity? It’s a question that most people struggle to answer. It’s understandable if a person doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus and they just can’t arrive at a conclusion. But when a Christ-follower is at a loss in how to answer that question, then the truths of Scripture need to get in their way and teach how God views them.

We often forget that no one else but God has the final say in defining you. Not your family or friends, not yourself or your achievements, not your money, nor your own actions. It’s God who gets the last word and what a Word it is, His Son Jesus. How comforting to know that God has shown us the way back to Him, it’s through His Son.

You might think, “I am a sinner, how can God love me?” You are loved not because you gained that honour to be loved, but because love covers a multitude of sins, and that unconditional love was given to us by Jesus Christ (1 Peter 4:8).

You receive this identity not because God saw all of your hard work to obey the commandments of the Bible but because Jesus paid the penalty of sin and opened the door for you to have a relationship with God. Your identity is new and it’s because of Christ. Praise Him today for who you are and if you need a.reminder, go to the Additional Resources below and read those Scriptures before going to prayer.

Themes to Prayer Over

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to remove any lies that you have believed about yourself
  • Pray that God will overwhelm you with the truth from Scripture about who you are because of Jesus Pray that you will be freed from

A prayer for us all today

Lord, I pray that You would unlock my heart that I might be fully alive to my true identity in You. Give me clear revelation to see myself the way You see me. Help me to stand in Your truth against all enemy attacks and guard my heart. Help me to identify the lies, and reveal to me any places where I am chained to the past in a negative way. I repent of any lies of the past. [Name those lies and ask God to forgive you.] Teach me to hear Your voice and not believe the enemy’s destructive lies about who I am. I thank You for my uniqueness and that I am made in Your image. I choose to believe the truth about how You see me. I thank You that I can hope in the future. Help me to live a fruitful life now and overflow with Your love to others. Give me greater authority in my prayer life. I want to know You on a deeper level, and I don’t want anything to hinder my relationship with You.

Question of the Day

Based on what you read and prayed today, how would you describe your identity now?

Additional Resources

– My Identity in Christ






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