Day 13 – Above All

January 13, 2022
Theme of Week – Celebrating God’s Character and Provision

Daily Theme – God Transcends All 

Scripture – Psalm 113:1-9

God is known, and unknown. It’s a simple and a mind-boggling statement. When we read Psalm 113 we see God is transcendent (meaning He exists above all and is independent of all) and yet, we marvel that He is not unconcerned about His creatures and His creation.

On the one hand, God is high, exalted, above and beyond anything and everything. Really, who are we in comparison? One the other hand, He looks in compassion on His creatures, raising the poor from the dust, lifting the needy out of the ash heap and granting motherhood to the barren. This is our God!

Gloriously transcendent, yet preciously personal, because of our Savior Jesus, who came close to us when He dwelt among us. Praise the Lord!

Themes to pray about

  • ⁃  Thank God that He is over everything and everyone
  • ⁃  Praise God that His Son humbled Himself to meet our need
  • ⁃  Tell God how much in awe you are over His power to create this world and at the same time be so active inyour life.
  • ⁃  Thank God for His Word and Spirit which makes Him to know to you and how excited you are to get to knowHim more.
  • A prayer to God
  • Heavenly Father, You are exalted in the heavens yet near to Your children. I rest in the fact that You are transcendent and powerful. Through You, anything is possible. The Israelites saw Your power on display when You parted the Red Sea, and I ask that You would move through the difficulties I face today. You alone are awesome in glorious deeds, and I thank You that You hear my prayers. In Jesus’ name, amen.
  • A question to ponder
  • Are you currently facing an obstacle or opposition to your faith? What is it?

  • Additional Resources
  • ⁃  Blog entry of Grand Canyon University transcendence
  • ⁃  An Essay on the Transcendence of God immanence/
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