Day 1 – Preparing By Resting

Day 1

Scripture Passage – 1 Kings 19:1-18

For the next 100 days, you’ll be on a  journey. A time in which you’ll venture to sit in the shadow of God; to pray, to listen, to grow and act. Most days you’ll do this alone or possibly with your family, while other days it will happen with your church fellowship. To take this  journey, you need to be rested, tested and armed because you are going to be challenged by the enemy to not meet God over these next 100 days. 

Read how God wanted to speak to Elijah in 1 Kings 19, but at this point Elijah was too exhausted and frustrated to hear God’s voice. So God allowed Elijah to rest. Once that rest occurred and Elijah was properly nourished, he was able to be in a position to hear the whisper of the Lord. 

You’re a busy person and the thought of a 100 Days of Prayer may overwhelm you. You need rest and you know it. Today, pray for that rest. Build some margin in your schedule today and for the 99 days that follow. Ask God to show you what to prune on your calendar each day, so you can take some time to pray over your church, your community and your life.

Themes to pray today

– Thank God for His sustaining power in your life

– Pray for proper rest (actual sleep or a slowing down in life)

– Ask God to reveal what can be trimmed from your life over these next 100 days

– Pray for your 100 Days of Prayer peers, that they are being rested for this journey

– Ask God to tune your heart’s ear, to listen for the whisper of the Holy Spirit

A prayer to bring to God.

O Lord, I confess that my busyness can drain my life. I acknowledge Your power in giving life and sustaining me each day, and I thank You for that. Lord, I desire to seek You in prayer over these next 100 days. I want to listen for Your Holy Spirit and I ask that You show me what I need to remove from my days to allow me to be properly rested to serve You. 

I pray Lord for strength and protection for my church family, as we come to You each day. Please God, prepare our hearts, minds, bodies and souls as journey together in prayer. 

We are an army, we are Your army and want to hear the voice of our King.


Additional Resources

Song Be Still My Soul by Kari Jobe

A Question to ponder

How has busyness kept you from seeking God in prayer in your past?



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