By Jovita Sheppard

“As for me I will seek God and to God I will commit my cause” Job 5:8 

One of the greatest lessons I ever learned was that in order to seek God consistently, you need His assistance. The truth is we have an adversary. There exists a being that does not want us to succeed or to grow deeper in God. He sends distractions, obstacles, and traps to keep us from seeking God. However, we can be consistent if we seek God’s assistance. We must understand that we NEED Him to accomplish anything. As we seek God’s assistance, we access the promise that comes from God through the Holy Spirit. 

This assistance is supernatural and helps us anticipate distractions, overcome obstacles, and push past every challenge. His presence will be with us as we open our devotion and even kneel to pray, if we seek His assistance. He will remind us when we forget and draw us when we get distracted. The Holy Spirit also will intercede for us, guiding our prayers. Know that this is God’s design. He desires to be with us as we attempt to seek after Him. He wants to help us be consistent in seeking Him. 

In this Scripture in Job, a man named Eliphaz is speaking. He declares he will seek the Lord as you have. But then he says something else that is so important. He says he will commit his cause to the Lord. Another version of the Bible says, “I will lay my cause before him.” He acknowledges the need to lay his own goals, logic, and rationale in exchange for the presence of God. 

Today as you go through your day, lay everything you want to accomplish before God. Ask Him for supernatural assistance from the Holy Spirit to anticipate distractions in life so that you can stay consistent and committed.

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