‘They Knew The Times’

We start a new message series this weekend, God & David (A quick look at Chronicles) and we see in 1 Chronicles 12.32 that the tribe of Issachar who joined David, ‘Knew the times.”

Were they up on current events? Most likely. Did they know some history? Certainly. Were they prepared to lay their lives on the line and want to make some history? Yes…they…were!

How aware are we of the times we live in? Do we know the history that brought us to this point? Are we prepared to make some history with what God is wanting to do in our lives and world?

Isschar’s tribe knew the cost and were prepared to pay the price…are you?

For Such A Time As This…

Mordecai challenges Esther to go to the king (Esther 4) to save the Jewish people from the plot to exterminate them. In his words,, Mordecai suggests that perhaps God put her in this position as queen ‘for such as time as this.’ Esther was in this spot to talk to the king.

As we watch the events of yesterday for our neighbours to the south, as we witness the UK go to shutdown over a new strain of COVID19 (B.1.1.7.) that has made it’s way to our shores, as our educational and health systems are being transformed and overwhelmed, as our political leaders are forced to make quick and often blind decisions, as our homes are strained with economic and relationship issues, as the mental health incidents surface with this isolation; we as Christ-followers, are in a position to talk to the King.

Prayer. A conversation with the creator of this world. A time to recognize His holiness, authority and love. A time to thank Him for His provision and proclaim His worthiness and sacrifice. A time to bring the needs of our world to Him.

The church is the hope of the world, we are here for ‘such a time as this.’

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