What Jesus Said About Confession of Sin 

from Disciple4 on You Version

Two Scripture passagesLuke 15:17-21 & 18:9-14 

Ask the following three questions as you study these two passages: 

1. What do we learn about God from this passage? 

(How is God revealing Himself to us in this passage: His Character, Works, Commands, and Promises?)

2. What do I learn about myself or people from this passage? 

(What is God expecting from me? What needs to change in my life? What are my responsibilities?)

3. Why do you think these passages are in the Bible

From Information to Obedience

After studying Luke 15:17- 21 and 18:9- 14, what do you sense the Holy Spirit is saying and asking you to do? Because it is God speaking here, we have to respond. This is where we transition from Information to Obedience: What must change in my life? Is there something that you sense – in the light of our discussion and these Scripture passages – that you need to do in the coming week? How can you be a blessing to other people around you? Be very specific.

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