from Charles Spurgeon

Do you not see it so? Behold it, then—there it lies, and the angel sits upon it. On that side what do you see? The guards fright­ened, stiffened with fear, like dead men. On this side what do you see? The timid, trembling women, to whom the angel softly speaks: “Fear not you: for I know that you seek Jesus” (Matthew 28:5). You see, then, that stone became the boundary between the living and the dead, between the seekers and the haters, between the friends and the foes of Christ. To His enemies, His resurrection is “a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense” (1 Peter 2:8). As of old on Mar’s Hill, when the sages heard of the resurrection, they mocked. But to His own people, the resurrection is the headstone of the corner.

Our Lord’s resurrection is our triumph and delight! The resur­rection acts much in the same manner as the pillar which Jehovah placed between Israel and Egypt—it was darkness to Egypt, but it gave light to Israel! (See Exodus 14:19–20.) All was dark amidst Egypt’s hosts, but all was brightness and comfort among Israel’s tribes! So the resurrection is a doctrine full of horror to those who know not Christ and trust Him not. What have they to gain by resurrection? Happy were they could they sleep in everlasting annihilation!

What have they to gain by Christ’s resurrection? Shall He come whom they have despised? Is He living whom they have hated and abhorred? Will He bid them rise? Will they have to meet Him as a judge upon the throne? The very thought of this is enough to strike through the loins of kings! But what will the fact of it be when the clarion trumpet startles all the sons of Adam from their last beds of dust? Oh, the horrors of that tremendous morning, when every sinner shall rise, and the risen Savior shall come in the clouds of heaven, and all the holy angels with Him! (See 1 Thessalonians 4:16.) Truly, there is nothing but dismay for those who are on the evil side of that resurrection stone!

But how great the joy which the resurrection brings to those who are on the right side of that stone! How they look for His appearing with daily growing transport! How they build upon the sweet truth of God that they shall arise and with these eyes see their Savior! I would have you ask yourselves this morning on which side you are of that boundary stone. Have you life in Christ? Are you risen with Christ? Do you trust alone in Him who rose from the dead? If so, fear not! The angel comforts you, and Jesus cheers you! But oh, if you have no life in Christ but are dead while you live, let the very thought that Jesus is risen strike you with fear and make you tremble—for tremble well you may at that which awaits you..

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