Do Your Best 

from You Version
Mark 7.37

Excellence is not just a mindset; it is a way of life that every believer should embrace. When we pursue excellence, we are not just trying to impress others or achieve some superficial goal. Instead, we strive to become the best version of ourselves, the person God created us to be. Excellence is what makes me a better version of myself than I was yesterday. It’s the thread that connects me to the Almighty’s strength, continuously overcomes all life challenges, and triggers me to build inner strength. This life is not meant to be a smooth sailing journey, but all our failures, mistakes, and downfalls make us excellent and resilient individuals. 

Excellence does not mean being ‘THE’ best but YOUR best. Understanding that variation makes all the difference in the world. If we believe that excellence is being/doing the best, how many people worldwide can be excellent?? Only One! On the other hand, if excellence is being/doing your best, how many people can be excellent? All of us! That is what God our Father created and mandated us to be. To do and be our best! This means giving our full effort and attention to everything we do, whether our work, relationships, or personal growth. When we live in this way, we become a living testimony to the power of God working within us. 

Very early in my career, I found a wonderful verse in Proverbs 22:29. Do you see any truly competent workers? They will serve kings rather than working for ordinary people. This has been true all along my career, and God has honoured me with strategic and significant positions in the corporate world, as I have done my very best in all that I have been entrusted with in His strength. 

Excellence isn’t perfection. Perfectionism is a thief of time, draining your energy like a blood-sucking vampire. It bullies and criticises you and demands unachievable outcomes since whatever you do is never good enough. It makes you try to live up to some illusion that doesn’t exist. Perfectionism diminishes your productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness and damages your peace of heart and mind. As Christians, we are called to serve God with excellence. This means putting our hearts and souls into everything we do and not settling for anything less than our best. When we live our lives this way, we become a light to the world, and others will be drawn to us, not because of who we are but because of the excellence that shines through us. 

Productivity is built into the pursuit of excellence. It is matching your practice with your potential. Pursuing excellence keeps you focused on what matters, fills you with energy, and can act as your cheerleader. But excellence is not just about achieving success or gaining recognition. It is about living a pleasing life to God and using our talents and abilities to serve others. When we put our gifts to use in this way, we not only bring glory to God but also positively impact the lives of those around us. 

God gave His very best – His Son. He made the best wine (John 2:1-11), and the limbs he restored were perfect (Mark 3:1-5). We owe Him our very life; the least we can do is do everything with excellence. So, let us make excellence a way of life and do everything we do with the utmost care and attention to detail. Let us seek to serve God with all our hearts and become the best version of ourselves we can be. When we do this, we can be confident that God will use us to do great things for His kingdom and that we will leave a lasting impact on the world around us. 

What will you do/be to have people say, “Everything he/she does is wonderful”? 

Prayer: Father, help me do my very best for Your glory. Amen

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