Holistic Beings

from You Version
Luke 12.2

It has been said that to be spiritually mature you must first be emotionally mature. Why? Because our emotional state affects us so deeply. When we are not mature, those things that disturb us quickly diminish our ability to maintain good character. Driving that response is our emotional system, and within it, shame, which hides in layers of behavior, suppositions, and memories.

We must learn to be attuned to our emotions so we can discover what is happening in our brains and our bodies. When we do this, we become healthily aware of our weaknesses, we embrace those things we fear will be exposed, and we allow others to see us for who we are. We become leaders of integrity, spiritually whole, but wholly broken. God is naturally invited into this process as we unfold our lives before him and others. It is a uniquely beautiful and terrifying experience. Indeed, those most vulnerable with their inner lives are the most courageous. We need leaders like that.

What holds you back from being vulnerable with others?

This plan contains devotions from Apples of Gold: 365 Devotions for Leaders. https://broadstreetpublishing.com/apples-of-gold/9781424566877/

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