A Mature Team

From You Version
Ephesians 4.13

Mature teams have character which has been built out of a strong sense of shared purpose. That foundation has carried the members through various trials and unified them in a way that can only be accomplished by forging those trials together. The first example that comes to mind is a tightknit military team whose members have trained together for months and struggled together through adversity. Each member supports the others so when one is weak, the strength of the group carries them. When they face a difficulty or threat, they naturally unite against it with the force of the whole group. What makes such a team unique is the hardships they have shared. Their lives have formed this particular group character, and the team has a consequentially developed maturity because of it.

This is what we are encouraged to seek as believers. We need to exist as a team of people who have matured through adversity and are now able to do what God requires regardless of what hardships may be ahead.

Can you identify the challenges your team has overcome and encourage them for it?

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