Faithful Example

from You Version
1 Timothy 4.112

Being above reproach, outstanding in example, or tenaciously pure in conduct is impossible. Sorry if that bursts any bubbles, but it is the truth. We are broken vessels, and we need fixing. We require salvation. We require a different spirit. We require consistent help. The best place for us to start is with humility.

Being humble is not an opportunity to make excuses for failing as leaders, or to require others to pour out more grace on our behalf. We do not say we are sinners as a reason to keep sinning. We know this, and in humility, and with a contrite heart we approach the throne of grace. We serve a holy God who is worthy of honor and glory. So, our purpose in leadership is to be an example for others to follow with meekness and gentleness. In the same manner with which we are loved, forgiven, and accepted by God, we, too, choose to love, forgive, and accept others. This is how we will faithfully exemplify the person of Christ.

How can you continue to practice humility in the presence of those you serve?

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