A Good Leader

from You Version
Exodus 18.21

Of all the characteristics that make a good leader, integrity is second to none. It runs alongside the ability to enjoy who we are and to protect the character that makes us unique. Also, a strong leader fears God, humbly recognizing the importance of seeking continuous help, and of growing in understanding. We must also keep ourselves unstained by the ambivalence of indecision, marginal behavior, and self-indulgence which marks the impulsive and the weak.

Each day, continue to posture yourself at the feet of Christ. The Holy Spirit gives wisdom, and in waiting on him you will form the insight that is gained through practiced listening and perpetual learning. This will help you lead others and provide inspiration that only he can give. Know that you have been selected by God and be encouraged that seeking first his kingdom. Remember the words of Christ then, that in seeking his kingdom first, other things will be added in due time.

Who has appointed you to lead, and who should lead you

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