Guard the Deposit: A Study in 1 Timothy
from Thomas Road Church
1 Timothy 4.1-16

What does it say? 

Paul wrote about spiritual discipline and warned against misleading practices. 

What does it mean? 

Every person has a conscience that is guiding his or her moral decisions and standards of behavior. Paul warned Timothy that teachers with a seared conscience would emerge within the church, leading others to think they could find favor with God by following a set of rules. Because God didn’t guide their conscience, their words couldn’t be trusted. These teachers were liars who were influenced by demonic power to distract believers from true faith. God should guide the conscience, not fables, myths, or old wives’ tales. As a young minister, Paul urged Timothy to exercise and teach this kind of spiritual discipline and doctrine. 

How should I respond? 

It’s good to let your conscience be your guide. However, your conscience is only as reliable as the source that influences it. Who or what has been allowed to speak into your conscience? Some spiritual influences are actually a mixture of mystic belief and wrong doctrine. Even within Christian circles, some associate outward behavior and rule following with being spiritual. What do you need to cut out in order to guard your thoughts and beliefs? You will adjust your behavior to match your beliefs or change your beliefs to match your behavior. 

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