! Timothy Study
from Thomas Road Church

1 Timothy 3.1-16
What does it say? 

Paul gave qualifications for pastors and deacons in the church. 

What does it mean? 

Christianity was new and being watched closely by those inside and outside of the church when Paul outlined the importance of believers’ lives being above accusation, blame, or criticism. If the lives of church leaders weren’t aboveboard, they would have brought disgrace to the entire church and the name of Christ. God holds Christian leaders to a high ethical and moral standard because they represent “the church of the living God.” 

How should I respond? 

It’s heartbreaking when church leaders disqualify themselves from public service because of immoral or unethical behavior. The negative effect on the cause of Christ is no different today than in Paul’s day. Even those who aren’t followers of Christ expect Christian leaders to have impeccable character. Do you pray for your pastor and his family? What about your worship leader, church administrator, and deacons? Stop and pray for your church leaders right now. Ask God to protect their homes and give them wisdom. Then, find a way to let them know you are praying. It will be a huge encouragement!

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