Spiritual Disciplines – From You Version
An Introduction
-Eph. 6.10-19
Matt. 5.14-16

The spiritual disciplines serve a very specific role in the Christian experience—they lead believers to become more like Jesus in our thoughts, words, and actions. For centuries, Christians around the world have engaged in the practice of spiritual disciplines. 

When many hear the phrase “spiritual disciplines,” their thoughts immediately turn to monastic communities dedicated to ascetic living. Our busy, Western minds tend to think of the practice of spiritual disciplines as a Sisyphean task reserved for those who have immense amounts of time on their hands. But the reality is, that any of us can engage the spiritual disciplines with whatever amount of time we have and discover God moves our hearts in significant ways! 

Yes, the spiritual disciplines are for our own personal discipleship. However, they are for much more.

For many, spiritual disciplines and evangelism are seen as polar opposites—one reserved for isolated practice and the other for public proclamation. But what happens when we fuse the two to make a real impact in a broken world? How can things like Bible reading, worship, prayer, confession, and submission shape the way we practice evangelism? 

We have included eight of the spiritual disciplines: 

· Bible Reading

· Worship

· Prayer

· Solitude & Silence

· Confession

· Sacrifice

· Submission

· Fellowship

We recognize there are many more as well. In each section, we have included several passages for you to reflect on, as well as a guide to follow as you engage in each discipline for the furtherance of your own discipleship, as well as the furtherance of the gospel. Finally, we have included reflection questions.

Spiritual disciplines are hard work. But that hard work stretches believers in ways that lead them to deeper experiences with our Savior. We hope this short, guided approach to these disciplines through the lens of evangelism change not only your life, but the lives of others around you.

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