by Evan Craft on You Version

Luke 23:32-43

Probably one of the most powerful stories in the gospels is Luke 23. It tells the story of the crucifixion of two criminals alongside Jesus. These two criminals were found guilty, no question, and were living the consequences of their sins as the Son of God hung between them. One criminal hurled insults as he hid behind his reasonings and justifications for his actions. But the other humbled himself. He laid down his pride before his dying breath and saw truth. He recognized the innocence and power of Jesus even in his final moments. Jesus tells him they will see each other in paradise that very day. 

It’s remarkable to think that someone could be saved within the very last moments of their life. That a life of sin could be redeemed seconds before the condemning sentence. But this is good news! Jesus took the punishment that was ours to receive. All we have to do is make him Lord of our lives. The thief on the cross embraced Jesus in his final moments and is now spending eternity with Him. That means it is not too late for us, it is not too late for our spouses, it is not too late for our families. We need to lay down our pride like the second criminal. Recognize that we are guilty of sin and that the only way to have a second chance at life and life eternal is through the savior Jesus Christ. 

You don’t have to live in darkness, you don’t have to be condemned. Come to the God of second chances. It is never too late. He won’t give up on you.

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