Step 12: Inviting Continuous Growth

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These steps are not a one-and-done affair; they represent a lifestyle.

We invite continuous growth in all the previous eleven steps through yearly Soul Connects inventory activities. Each step can be revisited. Scripture advises us to test ourselves to see if we are in the faith. We encourage an annual spiritual inventory for self-reflection and the setting of study goals. We also prompt reflection on relationships: How are the connections in our lives faring? Is there someone with whom we need to make peace?

Christianity always advocated for going deeper. Exploring deeper connections can lead to a desire for a more personal relationship with God and others. Christian practices like prayer, Bible study, church attendance, partaking in the Sacraments, and ministry training serve as examples. Are we attending a church?

Inviting continuous growth is an exciting and curious exploration of how to progress in our faith and become more authentic in our Christian walk.


Reflect on the importance of ongoing spiritual growth and accountability. Consider the following questions:

  • How often do you evaluate your spiritual growth?
  • What goals have you set for your spiritual journey?
  • Who holds you accountable for your growth and relationship with God?


Share your thoughts with your group or accountability partner. Discuss the value of setting spiritual goals and seeking accountability in your faith journey.


  • Set aside regular time to assess your spiritual growth and set new goals.
  • Share your goals with a mentor, friend, or accountability partner.
  • Encourage one another to stay focused on deepening your relationship with God.

Congratulations on completing the 12 steps for a faith that multiplies! Remember, the journey of faith is continuous. Continue to seek God, nurture your relationship with Him, and strive for continuous growth.

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