Step Eleven: Sharing Your Faith

from SoulConnect

We feel a deep sense of calling to share the gospel message. We desire for others to experience the immeasurable grace of God and embark on a transformative journey with Christ.

Rooted in an ancient tradition, yet ever-relevant, we have a living Lord and personal stories of faith to introduce to people.

Our methods of sharing are varied and inclusive, from compassionate posts on social media to extending invitations to small groups and church services. We may even simply offer the gift of hospitality to our neighbors.

Understanding the power of empathetic dialogue, we initiate conversations where we first listen, respecting the thoughts and feelings of others, before articulating the reasons for the hope that fills us.

We recognize that the mission field isn’t just ‘out there’; it starts within the walls of our own homes. We take it upon ourselves to foster a spiritually enriching environment at home, opening up the Bible and praying with our family. We actively involve our loved ones in church activities and other gatherings that uphold Christian values. Whether through Christian schooling or homeschooling, we consider education a powerful platform for imparting our faith to our children.

In all that we do, we are moved by the compelling love of Christ to share our faith, live out the Gospel, and draw others into a loving relationship with God.


Reflect on the role of sharing your faith as an ambassador for Christ. Consider the following questions:

  • How confident do you feel in sharing your faith with others?
  • What holds you back from evangelizing or sharing the Gospel?
  • Who in your life could benefit from hearing the Gospel?


Share your thoughts with your group or accountability partner. Discuss the significance of being a witness for Christ and how you can overcome obstacles to sharing your faith.


  • Seek opportunities to share your faith with friends, family, and acquaintances.
  • Practice sharing your personal testimony as a way to connect with others.
  • Pray for the courage and wisdom to share the Gospel when the opportunity arises.

Next, we will explore Step 12: Inviting Continuous Growth.

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