Step Ten: Integrating a Christian Worldview

from SoulConnect

We recognize that following the Christian faith has profound implications for our everyday lives and associations. We seek to study and develop this worldview to inform our decisions, values, and actions. We embrace Christian philosophy, which relates to Theories of Reality and Ministry Science Conversations that bring wholeness to practical issues.

Christian faith encourages a shift in perspective towards Biblical and eternal values. We embrace study and scholarship, aiming to see every area of life through the lens of God and His Word.

We believe ministering from a Christian worldview can lead to healing and hope. We can examine common problems affecting our lives through the lens of Ministry Science. This field studies how the Bible facilitates healing conversations that invite God’s intervention in practical areas of our lives. Examples of Ministry Science in action could include a six-part series on marriage delivered by a minister at church or consultations with “conversation ministers” who help people understand what the Bible says about subjects like marriage, matchmaking, parenting, and sleep quality. The Bible covers a myriad of subjects for transformative dialogues.

Christianity underscores the value of all human life, from the preborn to natural death, without racial favoritism. We advocate for educational opportunities and restorative justice. We promote enterprise so that those given life may steward God’s creation and bring blessings to themselves and others. We also encourage Christians to live out their distinctive values in practical activities, such as engaging with media, technology, and political involvements like voting. Indeed, Christians to be salt and light in the world. We believe that both our lives and this world belong to God.


Reflect on the significance of integrating a Christian worldview into all areas of your life. Consider the following questions:

  • How does your faith influence your daily decisions?
  • What areas of your life are most challenging to align with a Christian worldview?
  • How can your faith extend to your societal involvement?


Share your thoughts with your group or accountability partner. Discuss practical ways to ensure your faith shapes every facet of your life.


  • Pause before making decisions to consider whether they align with your Christian beliefs.
  • Identify specific areas where you find it challenging to maintain a Christian worldview.
  • Seek opportunities to involve your faith in society, including advocating for justice and serving others.

Next, we will explore Step 11: Sharing Your Faith.

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