Step Eight: Repairing and Building Relationships

from SoulConnect

We believe God is active in all our relationships, even those fraught with conflict. As it depends on us, we aim to live peacefully with everyone. Following Jesus’s example on the cross, where He extended grace to His persecutors, we commit not to repay evil with evil. We are willing to mend any relationships that have been strained or damaged over time.

Recognizing the value of reconciliation, we understand that taking steps to repair these connections can bring about a sense of peace. We are also open to building relationships with people God places in our lives, with the ultimate goal of serving and ministering to others.

Christianity places significant emphasis on reconciliation and forgiveness. In the same way, we strive to mend human relationships, our faith teaches us the importance of reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ. This reconciliation leads to inner peace and spiritual restoration.


Reflect on the importance of repairing and building relationships. Consider the following questions:

  • Which relationships in your life need repair?
  • How can your faith guide you in mending broken relationships?
  • What steps can you take to develop relationships that reflect Christ’s love?


Share your thoughts with your group or accountability partner. Discuss the role of faith in nurturing healthy relationships and seeking reconciliation.


  • Reflect on the relationships that may need reconciliation or improvement.
  • Take practical steps to reach out and mend broken relationships.
  • Prioritize kindness, compassion, and forgiveness in all your interactions.

Next, we will explore Step 9: Embracing Gratitude.

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